Refection don’t look so good…

May 9th, 2014

“This is the last time.”
Those words tumble within my mind
Hoping to become
More than thoughts unspoken.

These are my dreams
Fading currents in the air we breathe
Twisting into bizarre realities.
To which do you believe…?

You see this soul and you love it,
But do you know it’s been corrupted?

This is the last one.
I promise to change the “fun,”
Change the way I see society,
Take some responsibility..

What I took and what they lost
Was it worth the unseen costs?

September 2013, You’re an Asshole.

September 12th, 2013

I wish at this very moment, that every soul I have ever loved could be lined up.  Maybe then I could apologize and forgive, so the words that were too long left unsaid, may finally be spoken

Something tells me, if we can move on from this type of crazy, that there’s a piece that births into a token.
That token might be strategically placed, so that we might continue to play this odd game and perhaps we won’t remain broken.

To the corner of shame!

February 25th, 2013

I recently read an article  by Gregory Myers, that provided random facts about chocolate.  Beware, what you’ll find there is depressing.  From slave labor to fraudulent products, the cons of the chocolate industry are pretty heavy.
Slave labor in food production, like chocolate, is not something newly discovered.  Cattle farms in Brazil and sugarcane producing Latin America have both been known to use forced labor or even child slaves…and people have been deceiving others over the quality of their product or services for centuries.

One of the listings explained that chocolate manufacturing companies in America tried to convince the FDA to allow them to replace cocoa butter with Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO =Trans Fat, which has been known to increase risk of coronary heart disease).  In 2007, a petition was brought to the FDA by people representing the Chocolate Manufacturers Assn. (which includes Hershey, Nestlé, and Archer Daniels Midland), the Grocery Manufacturers Assn., the Snack Food Assn. and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Assn. as well as several more, that requested to basically blindside the public…

According to their petition on file at the FDA:

“Consumer expectations still define the basic nature of a food. There are, however, no generally held consumer expectations today concerning the precise technical elements by which commonly recognized, standardized foods are produced. Consumers, therefore, are not likely to have formed expectations as to production methods, aging time or specific ingredients used for technical improvements, including manufacturing efficiencies.”

As Myers points out in his article, in more simplified terms, they’re saying we really wouldn’t notice if they used something lesser in quality than cocoa butter.

What these people attempted to do was/is incredibly wrong and I firmly believe if their petition had passed, we’d be that much closer to a Soylent Green future.  But what is even more unfortunate than that revelation, is that the people who created the petition are fairly correct.  I can’t help but think about the fact that the average American typically does not like to question where our favorite foods and luxuries come from.  We don’t like to feel guilty…it’s just such a pesky emotion.

When a person first discovers the awful truth about the production and manufacturing methods (sometimes the ingredients) of something they enjoy (perhaps it’s brought to us by slave labor, animal cruelty, wars, etc) they are faced with just a couple of choices.
They can stop using the controversial item, sacrificing the joy and convenience they get from said item and accept that this may also cause your family and social circle to think of you as pretentious and a “Debbie Downer” or the newly enlightened person can continue to use the item, eat the delicious snackies and refuse to accept/acknowledge the facts, while the awful truth battles on as they embrace sweet denial and claim blissful ignorance.  It’s possible they may also not want to upset the applecart, share the miserable guilt of the truth….because no one likes to be the messenger when the message contains bad news (except people on the news…they can’t get enough bad news).


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The Oscars: 2013

February 25th, 2013

Some of you know my lack of affection for Seth MacFarlane….however, today, I’m actually going to come to his defense.
It’s not easy hosting an event that is notoriously boring and predictable, sexist and racist (I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the Oscars in over a decade, relying on video clips and transcripts from the evening’s events is plenty enough Oscar time for me).
So I appreciated Seth’s off-color humor, for the most part that is….some of his jokes were certainly cringe-worthy.  But it was still better than that train wreck from 2011’s ceremony  *flashes a side eye of disapproval in the direction of James Franco*

In regards to MacFarlane’s song “We Saw Your Boobs”, I applaud him.  For the people who were watching and were offended by this number, I say suck it up.
I don’t understand why any of those actresses were affronted by his song anyways. He simply just pointed out the facts, that these “ladies” signed the Hollywood “Nudity Clause” and flashed their goods for a movie.
Those actresses took their clothes off for money but claim it was for the artistic development of their character or because it was a necessity to the movie plot (please, you’re nothing more than a glorified stripper with a script and famous friends).
If anyone should be chafed, it’s the women watching these movies.  Many of these actresses masquerade as strong female characters, but typically they always fall into the same stereotypes women have been subjected to for years (such as, our bodies and faces are more important than our abilities).  They nip and tuck, plump their lips with collagen, turn their faces into emotionless boards via Botox, take off their clothes for a role and then demand to be taken seriously.  Heaven forbid a woman be expected to depend on their talents alone.
But, Hollywood isn’t exactly known for appreciating women.  In the 85 years of the Oscars, only four women have ever been nominated for Best Director and just one woman has won the coveted award (Kathryn Bigelow for “The Hurt Locker”).  Someone please explain to me why Kimberly Peirce wasn’t nominated for “Boys Don’t Cry” in 2000 or why Patty Jenkins didn’t get a nod for “Monster”.  In my opinion, Mary Harron deserved a nomination for “American Psycho”….but the Academy failed all of these women.

It’s not just women the Academy fails either.  No African-American has ever won Best Director and only two have ever been nominated (both men).  Spike Lee has been directing since the 1970’s, and yet none of the 50 titles he’s directed has ever received a nomination.  Out of the 19 times a black man has been nominated for an Oscar, only four have won and out of the 10 black women who have been nominated, only one has won, Halle Berry.  Interestingly enough, out of all the black women ever nominated for Best Actress, she’s the only one who’s ever taken her clothes off for a role, and it was for the movie that won her the Oscar, Monster’s Ball (Coincidence?  Not likely).  How was Whoopi Goldberg’s supporting role in “Ghost” Oscar worthy (she won) and her leading role in “The Color Purple” not?  I like Sandra Bullock, she did a great job in “The Blindside”….but she didn’t deserve to win Best Actress in 2010, Gabourey Sidibe should have won for “Precious”.

So you see, though Seth MacFarlane may have come off as insensitive, perhaps sexist or racist….he was really just carrying on the Academy’s traditions….and we movie goers have been supporting those disgusting traditions with our money for years, whether we intend to or not.

Bravo MacFarlane.  I actually respect you more today.

I Forgot You Were in That…

November 29th, 2012

or just didn’t realize it.

So I had a dream the other night that Jonathan Brandis was still alive.  When I awoke, I long to see you his face and acting so I threw in the miniseries Stephen King’s, “IT”.  There’s a scene I’ve seen a bunch of times, when Beverly and Ben first really meet on the sidewalk and these two girls breeze by and say mean things to them.  One of those girls looked familiar, she looked like Laura Harris as a little girl.  After IMBDing her name, it turns out that that was in fact her.  I know of Laura Harris from Nickelodeon’s “Fifteen”, the movie “The Faculty”,  the awesome show “Dead Like Me” (as the original Daisy Adair) and from the fantastic movie “Severence”…though she’s certainly been in more.
When I saw her on “IT”, it made me pause the movie so I could look up videos for “Fifteen”.  “Fifteen” was one of those shows that my sister and I were introduced to while living in upstate New York.  It was also one of those shows my parents were really against us watching, because it was a very dramatic, teen soap opera (odd for Nickelodeon, I know)…but regardless, we would sneak and watch it once in awhile anyways.  So here I am, watching this very tragic show, when I notice yet another very familiar face, but as a young boy.  I return to IMDB and look up “Fifteen” and soon realize that the owner of  that face is none other than Ryan Reynolds.  I chuckle, click his name and scroll down his past roles only to discover he also was a co-star in “The Oddyssey”, another random show I recall from my New York days.
Inspired by all these old shows, I decide to go on a nostalgic search.
I look up Zoobilee Zoo next.  I start clicking on the names of each of actors to see if I can place their face to anything else, and bing-bam-boom I realize the actor who played Mayor Ben is none other than Ben Vereen, whom you may know from his monumental acting career (both on screen and on stage).  He was in “Roots”, “Webster”, “Mother Goose Rock ‘N’ Rhyme”, “Silk Stalkings”, he’s made random cameos in all sorts of TV shows, including “How I met Your Mother”, “Faerie Tale Theatre”, and even an episode of “Oz”.  Now I think I’m going to watch my Zoobilee Zoo VHS tapw when I go to bed tonight.
During my research I was also reminded that Alanis Morrisette was in “You Can’t Say That on Television” and learned that she wrote the song “walk Away” for the movie “problem Child 2″, when she was just 17.

So it was an alright kind of day.

Did you know?

September 5th, 2012

As of September 2012, the United States of America has a national debt of $16 trillion…our debt is larger than our economy.
We owe money to Hong Kong, Caribbean banking centers, Taiwan, Brazil, oil exporting companies, mutual funds, commercial banks, state, local, and federal retirement funds, money market mutual funds, the United Kingdom, private pension funds, Japan, state and local governments, U.S. households, China, the US treasury, as well as the Social Security Fund.  To who do we owe the most?  According to an article I read from Business Insider (, we owe 19% ($2.67 trillion) to the Social Security Fund, followed by the Federal Reserve at 11.3% ($1.63 trillion) and then China at 8% ($1.16 trillion).

What I want to know is what happens when the piper comes a-calling.

Your flaws are beautiful.

July 27th, 2012

I’ve got a Tyra Banks forehead
Four fingers wide except
With acne scars deep like tire tread
My nose is round, nostrils big
Not cute as a button

Eyes are blue
But not as blue as the ocean
They’re blue like a dull ball-point pen

I get sebaceous cysts
And hairs on my weak chin
My teeth are exceptionally stained
From excessive coffee and smoke intake

I’ve got lovely stretch marks
All over my body and my heart

I also fart
And it smells of no flower
I blow snot rockets in the shower

I’ve got hair on my toes
A couple of moles
Thigh rolls
A fuzzy butt
And a bit of a gut
And I grind my teeth
When I sleep.

I get easily confused
And can often be crude
In distress I get ruthless
With a crummy attitude
When I’m depressed
I feel and become worthless.

Sometimes I allow the worst parts of me to be seen
When I get angry
I say things that I don’t mean
But I may also say words that I mean
Just to be mean
From the inside out,
I’m quite unclean.

From my first breath
I’ve been crazy
Invited death
But instead
My mind went hazy
I’ve switched sides
More times
Than a non-partisan
And have been known to imbibe
On too much gin.

Sadly some  have already paid,

For my pride,
My deceit, my lies,
Paid for my crimes…
Though many were without fault
of the assault upon
humanity I have brought,
You’ll still take it on
With the purest type of love.

A love I don’t deserve
And with mercy
Yet to be earned…

With faith in me, faith in all, you walk.

But for some reason
From season to season
He still loves me as I love him.

time is not on our side

June 22nd, 2012

Time is the most priceless form of currency, it is a permanent exchange and it is without refunds.  It can never be bought back after being sold.  What and who we spend it on may remain with us for life.  Time can be stolen but many just give it away.
Memories are often bought with time.  And yet, time may steal those memories back.

Thank You PapaBear

June 17th, 2012

Thank you for not only being the first man in my life, but the first man to hold me, care about me, make me smile, make me laugh, make me cry, make me mad, make me feel, make me learn and make me understand.  Thank you for standing up for me, for protecting me, believing in me, respecting me, supporting me.  Thank you for not only allowing me to be who I am, but encouraging it.  Thank you for trying.  Thank you for insisting on being a part of my life even after all of the disappointment I have brought you in the past.  Thank you for forgiving me.  Thank you for talking to me.  Thank you for teaching me.  Thank you for instilling values within me, even if I didn’t always uphold them.  Thank you for your fatherly advice, even if I didn’t heed it.  Thank you for your puns.  Thank you for sticking around through the good times and the bad.  Thank you for showing me that a male can be a “man’s man”, a nerd, and a sensitive teddy bear all in one.  Thank you for raising the bar for all men.  Thank you for being everything a father should be.  Thank you for being my father, my dad, my da, my pa, my papa, love you Papabear.

Remember the Sunscreen Song and Then Some…

May 22nd, 2012

Acknowledge what you are, who you are.
Remember the good within yourself.  It lives in all of us and it thrives on love.  Remember love.
Remember where you came from.  God didn’t have to grant you life, God didn’t have to allow you a soul, but here you are…living, breathing and feeling everything against all odds…because something or someone greater believes in you regardless if you believe in Them.
Remember the evil that exists in you as well…down to the very essence of that which you wish you could change but cannot.  Evil is as alive as the good and both struggle to rule over the other.

It is up to you which battles are won, lost, remembered and forgotten.

Remember your dreams and forget your nightmares…or embrace both and apply them to your reality.
Recognize and implement your strengths…recognize and renounce your weaknesses.
Educate yourself with the right tools and right information.  Forgive.  Love.

More self-righteous advice to come soon ;)